Why perimenopause?

Hello, I’m a Medical Herbalist, MSc focusing on perimenopause. Why? To me, this might be the key period in woman’s life. By 37 – 45 y.o., ideally, one would have developed an understanding of “Why I’m here?” and would be looking at the path to fulfilment of those ideas. It should be a creative peak, full-on exploration of life; going through various complex roles like excelling in professional life, building a career, partnership, motherhood. In reality, a lot of that is just not happening. Instead, we find ourselves burdened with various complex symptoms. I find tremendous pleasure unpacking and unfolding those and helping to restore deep balance, mainly with herbs. When you are ready (and if in London) we might go further with spiritual healing through Plant Spirit Medicine, that is available in person only. As a Medical herbalist, I’m well trained in clinical science and functional medicine, I would facilitate functional testing with leading laboratories where needed, but my main focus would be restoring balance gently with herbs. Herbs are amazing in their complexity and presence of Vital essence (to me it's taste of Life itself!). Working with me, might not be a quick win, but you will not have to come back with something that was temporarily suppressed. If that resonates with you, please contact me to have a free 15 minutes exploration call. I'm open for online consultations or come to my IG @plant.spirit.medicine.healer for some Plants wisdom and inspiration.

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