Q&A: Sore breasts and nipple discharge?

Q&A from PerimenopauseHub

Q:”Is it normal to have sore boobs and also discharge when squeezed? ”

Inna Duckworth: “Dear XXX(sorry, no names, confidentiality is paramount!), I’m sorry to hear about your situation, please get checked as you intend to. What you describe can be caused by high level of a hormone called prolactin, you might want to make sure the GP does a test for that. You might also have something like relative excess of oestrogen and higher sensitivity of oestrogen receptors. Those together might manifest as sore breasts and discharge. Abnormally high levels of prolactin also can be linked with benign growth, cysts, fibrosis. Lowering prolactin maybe helpful to release progesterone - “the calm one”, the hormone that is becoming scarce in perimenopause, due to anovulatory cycles, that can help restore the cycle as well. If the findings will confirm that situation, herbal medicine, has a lot to offer – we have been helping women with similar conditions for a long time, now we are able to add science to our traditional knowledge. “

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Stay well. Your Perimenopause Expert, Inna Duckworth, Medical Herbalist, MSc

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