SIBO ? Maybe aye, maybe nae!

“SIBO, it must be SIBO- I’m bloated all the time!”

1. Well, it maybe “yae may by nay”, unless you are properly tested it is IMPOSSILBE to come to this diagnosis and develop accurate therapeutic strategy.

2. Following FODMAP diet long term starves good bacteria and makes SIBO causing bacteria more resilient? So, you might be causing some harm and still do not know if you have SIBO

Properly tested at this stage of advancements in functional health testing means a comprehensive stool test. Breath test will show you presence of hydrogen and methane, but how did it get there? Why it was made possible? What is the state of your colon, bile system? Which bacteria went rogue? And which good bacteria are missing?

Knowing all this allows develop a truly personal treatment and recovery protocol, which can be verified with subsequent repeat tests.

As a health professional I work with several cutting edge international functional health testing laboratories to provide you with an insight into what is going on with your body and enable me make robust clinical decisions about your health. The treatment plan will include diet modification, herbs and supplements, based on you needs.

GI EcologiX £339 from INVIVO is one of the key tests for GI concerns including potential SIBO.

It is an easy home stool testing kit, then send to the laboratory. Results are ready in 15 working days.

Included: – 7 x health markers to assess inflammation, immune function, digestion, gut barrier health, and occult blood – 63 x microbial markers including markers related to IBD, mucin degradation and gut barrier impairment, SCFA production, SIBO, H. pylori, dysbiosis, inflammation

Why not reach out for a free introductory call to find our if I’m the right practitioner for your needs.

Please do not order the test prior to consulting with me.

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