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Q: “Can someone please give me some advice on what’s the best thing to use for these hormonal migraines? I’m completely wiped out for 2 days and I’m sat here crying and I’ve had enough of them now! “

A: Dear XXX (no names, confidentiality is paramount),

I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Hormonal migraines are quite common, and the word “hormonal” is the key here, which means there is no ‘one happy pill’ solution. One would look at making a not of which days of the cycle are affected and take from there in terms of balancing the situation: diet, emotions, hormones.

This might not be quite relevant for your situation, but for the benefit of those who might read this post, first of all migraines, can be confused with headaches, caused by various symptoms, like sinus issues, high blood pressure, structural neck strains etc, and on the other hand migraines can come without pain, just visual disturbance and even episodes of mini- ‘black outs. If any of this is relevant please reach out to a health professional for a diagnosis.

Some people consider migraines to be ‘a prayer for nutrition, rest and restoration’, there certainly is a grain of truth in there. Stress is second after food common trigger of migraine.

Interestingly, it is noted that migraines often happen at the week-end – the sign of system crashing, especially in ‘over-achievers’, who push themselves beyond any limit.

From Chinese Meridian understanding the migraines are happening on the territory of Gall Bladder Meridian, which energetically is responsible for decision making. For it to function well – the decisions should be made in accordance with one’s inner truth. How often is that the case? Just acknowledging it, might be a beginning of your journey to health.

Unfortunately, there is no one solution, if you based in the UK, why not book a 15 minutes FREE call with me to find out if I might be able to help you? I'm open for online consultations or come to my IG @plant.spirit.medicine.healer for some plants wisdom and inspiration.

Stay well. Your Perimenopause Expert, Inna Duckworth, Medical Herbalist, MSc

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