"My belly looks like I'm 5 months pregnant..."

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

"Bloating” is probably the top complaint I get from women in their early forties. There are many medical causes for bloating, all leading to slowing down the enzymatic cascade, initiated during eating. Despite our modern lifestyles our DNA has not changed much since the time when we relied on our digestive system to ‘’desinfect” our food. One of the innate mechanisms is activation of bitter receptors, that performs various physiological functions, including stimulation of stomach acid. In the past most of the food tasted bitter and activated the receptors naturally, not nowadays. I have formulated herbal “Digestive bitters” to assist with digestion and reduce symptoms like bloating, gas, constipation. They are very powerful, one would start with 3-5 drops 3 times/day and go up to 20 drops if needed. 50 ml is £8 plus P&P. They are counterindicated in strong acid reflux, however, can be beneficial in mild cases. Please email me for a FREE 15 minute consultation if you require, to check if the product will be suitable for you or discuss opportunities to work with me. I’m Inna Duckworth, Medical Herbalist, specialising in female health, particularly Perimenopause. Be healthy 🤲🍃✨

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