"What is in my medicine?"

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Modern clinical Herbal Medicine is a complex science, based on research and clinical evidence. It is taking into consideration modern understanding of physiology and interrelatedness of various systems in the body.

Here you can see the product range of herbal extracts, prepared under the supervision of Prof. Kerry Bone, one of the leading experts in Herbal Medicine.

I blend them based on principles of clinical phytotherapy- another name for Herbal Medicine, in accordance with individual symptoms and needs.

Typical presenting issues are: “Constant tiredness”, “Low mood, no energy”, “Nothing found by the GP, but I feel unwell”. Each of those is a case of complex imbalance, that require holistic systematic approach, looking at the root cause and not dividing the whole body into the parts, offering a solution part of the problem.

Blending individual herbal extracts allows me to address your personal situation as detailed as possible.

Working with a herbalist is a long process, a co-journey, that is why I offer FREE 15 minutes chat to discuss how we can work together.

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