Clinical Herbal Medicine

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I'm a London-based fully qualified Medical Herbalist with MSc (Distinction) in Herbal Medicine, a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists.


I help women in their 40s to make sense of the seemingly unconnected symptoms, creating havoc in their lives, and offer treatment regimes in a form of individual blends of herbs, natural supplements, dietary and lifestyle advice.


I practice very scientific, research-backed clinical Herbal Medicine, integrating traditional medical models with modern evidence-based herbal and nutritional medicine. 

Healing work

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I also offer spiritual healing (as a separate session). This development came from realisation that despite all the benefits of herbal treatments to her patients, often there was a deeper malaise which was difficult to reach.

I completed 2 years' rigorous training in Plant Spirit Medicine: Taoist 5 Element Healing Protocols applied through the energies of plants, with founder Eliot Cowan, the author of the book Plant Spirit Medicine: A Journey Into the Healing Wisdom of Plants and the senior tutor Alison Gayek.

You can find more about this side of my work here:

I think that both clinical Herbal Medicine and Plant Spirit Medicine are like Yin and Yang, clearly defined, but inseparable parts, indispensable in restoring health and wellbeing at various levels.